Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Dick Cheney thinks Americans are the April fools

Speaking to a crowd of Republicans recently, former Vice President Dick Cheney said that the Obama administration has been the worst in 70 years. He told them he expected the Iranian nuclear negotiations to fail and argued that America's traditional allies in the region have “all lost faith and confidence” in the U.S.

This is not an April Fools Day joke. I don’t think. This is the everyday foolishness spewed by the war criminal Cheney. He and his little lapdog Bush lied to the American people to gain support for war, illegally invaded Iraq, had no post-war plan, incited long-time rivals to war with each other, inspired the creation of ISIS, gave Saudi Arabia a pass although all but two of the 9/11 hijackers were from that country, lost billions of dollars in Iraq, broke international laws by torturing people, began the drone program, created the Patriot Act and Homeland security, which flung the door wide open to illegal mass surveillance, and then handed this hot mess over to Obama in 2008.

And Cheney has the audacity to claim that the Obama Administration is the worst in 70 years. Cheney and Bush and others should be in prison for war crimes, not running around the country trying to salvage their nightmarish legacy by shifting the blame to others. It’s like Hermann Goering traveling around Germany after WWII blaming the devastation of Europe on the allies. And, as an aside, Goering was a decorated fighter pilot during WWI, not a cowardly draft dodger like Cheney who was more than willing to send Americans to die in the Middle East.

Cheney, Bush and their merry band of neocons are evidently too big to jail, despite their horrendous crimes.

Justice is blind in America. Ha, April fools.

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