Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where does right wing conservatism end and mental illness begin?

A big story in this election cycle is how far to the right Republicans have turned in recent years and how they continue winning elections at all levels of government while holding views with which the majority of Americans disagree. How do they get away with calling Obama a socialist (he’s not), climate change a hoax (it’s not) and Muslims evil (they’re not) and myriad other lies and still be considered fit to hold public office by so many voters?

In speech after speech after speech, Cruz, Rubio, That-White-Guy Walker and the other Republican Presidential wannabes make outrageous accusations and tell flat-out lies with a conviction that is unnerving. Do they actually believe the garbage they are hurling at their audience? Are they so brainwashed by FOX News and their own demagoguery that they think merely by saying something it is therefore true? Doesn’t that break from reality fall into some category of mental illness?

A major reason why these clowns win elections is that America’s richest citizens reward them for their craziness with millions in campaign checks. These borderline mental cases are more than willing to be tools of the elites if they get to sit in big leather chairs and ride in a limousine. Despite the fact that they are destroying America for future generations through their greed, the .01 percent has no concerns about our democracy going to the highest bidder, because they’re always the highest bidder.

The bottom line: If you want to run for political office as a Republican and be lavished with money, being mentally ill isn’t a requirement, but it will definitely give you an edge.

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