Friday, April 24, 2015

Jesus Junkies Caught On Video

You’ve heard the horror stories: People playing with poisonous snakes like they’re kittens; shouting gibberish in a trance-like state; traversing neighborhoods like zombies looking for strangers to accost. They’re the Jesus Junkies, hopped up and brainwashed addicts shackled to a mind-numbing drug called “Jesus Juice” or JJ, as it’s known on the streets.

Many of us have only heard about the destructive nature of JJ and it’s adverse affects on the mind, but now we have video of a gathering of Jesus Junkies in their “church” and can witness the terrifying behavior of addicts high on JJ. You’ll see the drug transform grown men into prancing, dancing lunatics shouting nonsense at each other as they gyrate and flail their arms about. Having lost all self-control, they skip across the stage like five-year olds, twirl their coats over their heads and make mysterious hand gestures displaying their Jesus Junkie creds.

This is not a video for the faint of heart, but if it helps just one person think twice before drinking JJ, it will have served its purpose. Watch the video here.

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