Friday, April 10, 2015

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Thank God.

I want to feel sorry for the citizens of Kansas. Their governor, Republican Sam Brownback, is imposing a doggedly conservative political agenda that is turning Dorothy Gale’s loving home state into a welfare dependent, gun slinging, poor bashing, economic hell. I say I want to feel sorry for them, but for reasons that escape all logic, the voters of the Sunflower State sent Brownback back to the Capital for a second term knowing that his economic policies were dragging them to the poor house.

Brownback and his Republican cronies are now resorting to stealing money from education and much needed infrastructure to try and stave off the economic hemorrhaging caused by his tax cuts and misplaced trust in trickle-down economics. And on top of everything else, Brownback thought it was important that gun owners in Kansas be allowed to carry firearms around with no license or gun safety training requirement.

My hope is that Democrats running for office in 2016 will shine a big bright light on the Brownback debacle. “Kansas is what America will look like if you vote for Republicans,” they should pound home. “The conservative policies of Brownback have been a total failure and are a destroying a once great state. Do you want that to happen to your country?” Kansas is a laboratory where conservative policies are being tested, and the results so far are painfully obvious: They don’t work.

If Dorothy went to Oz in 2015, I don’t think she would be so anxious to get home.

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