Monday, April 06, 2015

Headlines we would like to see

Grand Jury Indicts Bush, Cheney for War Crimes

Ted Cruz Apologizes To Nation For Being a Complete Douchebag

Rush Limbaugh Inhales Lit Cigar Stub, Burns Vocal Chords

Cold Case Solved. “We know who let the dogs out,” says Detective

Alaska Evicts Palin Family. Lower 48 States On High Alert.

Congress Votes to Give Itself a Pay Cut For Poor Performance

Hidden Cameras in NSA Restrooms Linked to North Korea

As Ratings Tumble, FOX News To Call It Quits

Obama Ends the War On Drugs With a Round of Bong Hits in the Oval Office

U.S. Celebrates First Year of Bombing Abstinence

Admitting They Had “Royally Fucked Up,” Roberts, Scalia and Thomas Resign Their Supreme Court Seats

Jim Inhofe Stunner: I Was Wrong About Climate Change. Let’s Fix This Problem.”

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