Friday, May 08, 2015

A sampling of today’s headlines that should scare the crap out of you

As they say, you can’t make this stuff up:

Texas Republicans: Rape Victims Shouldn’t Receive Abortion Coverage Because Their Claims Aren’t “measurable” (Salon)

Alabama Lawmaker: My Bill Protects Kids From Learning ‘They Came From a Monkey’ (Raw Story)

Boy Scouts Boot Openly Gay Leader (Huffington Post)

GOP Head of Senate Environment Committee Says Carbon Pollution is Good For the Earth (Raw Story)

Steve King: Obama Moving Nation Toward “Ideology of Karl Marx” (BuzzFeed)

FOX News Host: Baltimore Schools are Failing Because They Believe in Bogus ‘White Privilege’  (Raw Story)

Pundit Blames California’s Catastrophic Drought On The Gays (Huffington Post)

Chuck Norris, Louie Gohmert and Other Texans Adamantly Refuse To Believe That Obama Isn’t Invading Their State (Salon)

DEA Takes Cash From a Black Man, Because He Must Be a Drug Dealer (Huffington Post)

Jeb Says George W. Bush is a Top Foreign Policy Advisor (Daily Kos)

America’s Richest Congressman Says Poor in the US are “Envy of the World” (Raw Story)

Republicans Kill Successful Birth Control Program in Colorado (Chicago Sun Times)

Wisconsin Republicans Would Spend Millions to Micromanage Poor People’s Shopping (Think Progress)

Privacy Experts Warn of Peeping Drones Spying on All of Us (BuzzFeed)

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