Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Conservative hypocrisy headlines of the day

Another day, another dose of Republican hypocrisy and lies:

South Carolina Repub: Drop 20-week abortion ban because women will fake being raped to get one (Raw Story)

Texas Senator blamed violence in Baltimore on ‘absent fathers,’ has nothing to say about Waco massacre (Think Progress)

Michigan pastor who railed against same-sex marriage resigns after being caught seeking men on Grindr (Raw Story)

George W. Bush’s CIA briefer admits Iraq WMD ‘intelligence’ was a lie (Salon)

Jeb Bush: A tolerant country would allow discrimination based on ‘religious beliefs’ (Raw Story)

Rand Paul cruelty and delusion on display: U.S. shouldn’t accept Iraqi refugees because “we won the war” (Right Wing Watch)

Jeb Bush tells Pamela Geller he will ‘trust his brother’ to deal with the ‘Islamic threat’ (AlterNet)

Bobby Jindal says he will issue executive order allowing anti-LGBT discrimination (

Texas governor signs bill that makes local fracking bans illegal (Think Progress)

‘I’m going to call a drone and…kill you’ and 9 other insane things Lindsey Graham has said (The Nation)

Former 4th District congressional candidate admits planning armed militia attack, firebombing of Muslim community in New York (

…and finally a dose of good news:

The GOP is dying off. Literally. (Politico)

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