Thursday, May 07, 2015

A Thursday “Wake Up You Dumbshits” Rant

When will Americans stop rewarding stupidity and greed? How is it possible we have three branches of government filled with ignorant, self-serving, superstitious cretins who consistently neglect the needs of average Americans because they are too busy spit polishing the alligator loafers of the .01 percent? The keys of power in America are in the hands of men and women who have created a religious ideology that excuses their horribleness and forgives their blatant sins against humanity.

I wouldn’t even call what they believe in Christianity. It is a bastardized offspring that has cherry-picked the Bible and Ayn Rand to justify hate, bigotry and greed. Science is a buffet line to them where they pick and choose the facts they agree with and ignore those that are not to their liking or that displease their corporate masters.

The only talent these buffoons have is at being hyperbolic demagogues, conning their followers with their uber patriotism and nationalistic jingoism. They know exactly what buttons to push to make old white people cry as they paint a sugar-dipped Rockwellian picture of America’s past that never actually existed. They are con artists, adept at getting gullible, poorly informed citizens to vote against their best interests and to support the interests of the wealthiest Americans.

We need a great awakening. We must wake up the people who have been drugged into complacency and blind acceptance by the mainstream media and the Right-Wing megaphone to the realization that they are being dangerously mislead by those who only pretend to have their best interests at heart. And it has to happen soon because we are running out of time. Our downhill course as a nation is gaining momentum every day.

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