Monday, May 09, 2005

Headlines We'd Like to See

Bush Claims Iraq Epiphany. Will Order Troops Home Next Month.

Ann Coulter: Ranting Conservative Persona Was Satire

“700 Club” Studio Demolished by Twister. “I Never Saw It Coming,” Says Robertson.

Laura Bush Dumping George For Comedy Career

Falwell Caught With Pants Down At Hollywood Porn Party

Bush Impeachment Hearings Begin Today

Michael Jackson’s Nose Falls Off During Cross-Examination

Eighty-two Year Old Lance Armstrong Wins 43rd Tour De France

Gary Coleman New California Mayor

Nichole Kidman Shocker: Admits She’s Passionately In Love With Unknown Minneapolis Writer

Rumors Persist: Dick Cheney Denies Affair with 50 Cent

Perfect Storm Gathering Around Administration With New Media Revelations Of Corruption and Deceit

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